We offer an expansive network of locations and ocean freight experience to provide you a full array of global freight and transportation services.

As a forwarder, we book your cargo, arrange pickup and delivery, and manage shipping documentation, regardless of point of destination or carrier. With years of experience, its flexible shipping fleet and partners spreading over the world. Delivery range cover all main ports over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Middle East, North America etc.

LCL Services

  • contracted sea freight(LCL&FCL) from top 10 ship companies
  • NVOCC shipping agent in China
  • Local operators offices in all the main ports of China to handle the shipment
  • Providingport to port shipping service for LCL and FCL (20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, 45HQ)
  • Flexible customs choices for declaring by other agent or usual declare

How To Work

  1.  You tell us the contact information about the supplier
  2. The supplier offices us the booking authorization
  3. We book the shipping space when the goods ready and the supplier get your payment
  4. The goods get loaded and trucked to port
  5. We prepare the documents and do the customs declaration
  6. The goods get sailed
  7. We offer you the B/L scan
  8. You pay us
  9. The goods arrive at your destination port

Information Needed For Exact Quotation

  1. Name, weight and volume of your cargo
  2. Loading port from China and Discharging port
  3. Trade term (FOB or EXW)
  4. Cargo ready date
  5. Cargo value if need to buy transportation insurance

Value-added Svc

  • Help you inspect the products and check the suppliers credit in China
  • Pick up your goods from different suppliers and consolidate into one shipment
  • Conceal true identity to protect your business secret from your suppliers and buyers
  • Amend CI to reduce or aovid customs taxes, duties, VATetc
  • Advance cargo arrival notice

YCD Super Shipping Service