U.S.Eastern Special Line

YCD to East New York, USA

The Port of New York, also known as the “Port of New York and New Jersey”, is the largest seaport in the United States, handling more than 5 million Teu per year. The Port of New York is located at the mouth of the Hudson River in the northeastern United States and faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The Port of New York is one of the busiest ports in North America and one of the world’s natural deep-water ports. The port is the third largest port in the United States and the largest port on the east coast.

The New York overseas warehouse is 26.8 miles from the port location, and the transit time is 33 minutes.


New York Port of New Jersey – Global Container Terminal

Located at the Atlantic gateway of the Panama Canal, the Port of New Jersey is the largest port in the New York Bay Area. The port has more inland and overseas cargo routes than other ports on the North American East Coast. There are 4 container terminals in the port: Howland Hook Marine Terminal, Port of New Jersey Marine Terminal, Port of Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal and Brooklyn Marine Terminal.