Shopify launches web version of Shop, “declares war” on Amazon

YCD News – On October 31st, Shopify announced the launch of the web version of its Shop app, which not only opens up the product search function, but also adds AI artificial intelligence to help with the search. This move will make Shop truly a shopping platform and marks Shopify’s head-to-head confrontation with Amazon.

In 2020, Shopify debuted the Shop app. The app allows users to view the logistics of their orders purchased from Shopify merchants, as well as search for stores through the app and click to follow a store or purchase store items within the app.

Since then in 2021, Shop has also added the ability to track orders from other platforms such as Amazon. However, until now, the Shop app has remained an open product search feature, only allowing for store searches and only seeing a small selection of items in the store.

Now, the newly launched Shop web version aggregates all items sold by Shopify merchants, while allowing buyers to search for product names. On the right side of the search results, it also offers an AI shopping assistant that can help optimize the search. Buyers can also click Hide if they don’t want to use this feature.

The web version of Shop is available at Compared to Amazon’s cluttered user interface, the design of Shop web version is more simple and clear, allowing buyers to quickly find and view the products they need. Buyers can also view the store interface, clicking on which they can see all the products of the merchant.

By launching a web-based version of Shop, buyers will be able to purchase items from Shopify merchants through Shop without having to download the app, driving more traffic to merchant stores. However, no further information has been revealed about the ranking mechanism for search results on the site, or how the traffic will be distributed.

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