Walmart is preparing for the season, and will hold two Black Friday sales in November.

YCD News – On November 1, Walmart announced that it will hold two Black Friday sales and a Netflix sale this holiday season, all of which will be concentrated during November. At the same time, Walmart in the platform function, supply chain logistics and advertising and marketing action frequently, for this year’s holiday season competition to make full preparation.

Welcoming the season, Walmart hosts its first two Black Friday sales

Walmart’s first Black Friday sale will kick off on the e-commerce platform on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 3 p.m. ET and will take place in brick-and-mortar stores on Friday, Nov. 10, with early access for Walmart+ members a few hours prior to the start of the Nov. 8 event.

The second Black Friday will launch on Wednesday, November 22 at 3 p.m. ET on e-commerce platforms and will continue on Friday, November 24 in stores. Again, Walmart+ members can access early before the event begins on November 22nd.

Walmart will hold its Netflix sale through its e-commerce platform on Monday, Nov. 27, and for the first time, Walmart+ members will also be able to take advantage of Netflix discounts in advance.

To entice more customers to join Walmart+ during the sale, Walmart also announced that starting Nov. 8, buyers can get a one-year membership for $49 per year, which is 50 percent lower than the normal annual fee.

In fact, back in October, Walmart hosted a “Walmart Deals – Holiday Kickoff” event to forecast the holiday season and offer some holiday shopping features.

To boost sales, Walmart is also launching two new shopping features on its platform, including holiday “wish lists” and “registries”. Buyers can bookmark their favorite items to a “Wish List” to create a list of “I’ve Saved” items that can not only be added to an order with a single click, but can also be shared with friends and family. Walmart also introduced a toy registry that allows buyers to create their own toy wish lists directly from the list of popular toys on Walmart’s website.

Increased investment in logistics and marketing, Walmart’s peak season fires on all cylinders

In order to stand out from the competition in the peak season, Wal-Mart has also made sufficient preparations in logistics and marketing.

October 31, Wal-Mart announced the opening of a third “high-tech” distribution center in Lancaster, Texas, the United States, to prepare for peak season orders. The 1.5 million-square-foot facility, which features automated, high-density storage and retrieval systems, is the latest addition to Walmart’s “high-tech” distribution center initiative.

For this year’s Black Friday ad campaign, Walmart hired the original cast of the classic American TV series “Mean Girls” to recreate key scenes from the 2004 teen comedy, with the TV show’s theme song “PassThatDutch” playing in the background. The video follows the current wave of nostalgia in the United States.

Walmart plans to distribute the two-minute video to various social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, and will release it on Wednesdays and Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) in November.

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