We are providing door to door svc for those who are sick of customs clearance and tending to get the cargo at home. DDU/DDP(Delivery Duty Unpaid; Delivery Duty Paid) are both available to meet your needs. If you are urgent for receiving your cargo, you may choice door to door air shipping svc,or if you get bulk quantities shipped and take time to receive, door to door sea shipping svc is a great choice.

Products Profile

  • We are NOCC  WCA  CGLA members
  • Own  import and export license
  • Own staff in most countries dealing with tracking and delivery
  • Dual customs clearance saving troubles for customers
  • Flexible choice( door to door svc with air & sea freight)

How to Work

  1. You tell us the contact information about the supplier
  2. The supplier offers us the booking authorization and CI
  3. We book the shipping space when the goods get ready and the supplier get your payment
  4. The goods get loaded and trucked to port or airport
  5. We prepare the documents and provide the customs declaration
  6. The goods get sailed
  7. We offer you the B/L scan
  8. You pay us
  9. The goods arrive at your destination port
  10. Customs clearance at port or airport
  11. Customs clearance at port or airport
  12. Local solid forwarder deals with customs clearance and tax revenue if needed
  13. Local delivery
  14. You get your products

Value-added Svc

  • Help you inspect the products and check the suppliers credit in China
  • Pick up your goods from different suppliers and consolidate into one shipment
  • Conceal true identity to protect your business secret from your suppliers and buyers
  • Amend CI to reduce or aovid customs taxes, duties, VATetc
  • Advance cargo arrival notice

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