USPS has announced that it is hiring 28,000 employees for the peak season, and the average daily package processing volume can reach 60 million!

YCD has learned that USPS recently announced that it will hire 28,000 seasonal employees to significantly improve package delivery times in response to the upcoming holiday shopping season.

The USPS also said it has installed 116 new package sorters across the U.S. since 2022. The USPS is targeting 137 installations in 2022, which will bring its total number of new package-handling machines to 249 since the launch of the U.S. Delivery 10-Year Plan.

According to the report, USPS recently ordered new parcels in Texas (Texas), Lexington (Kentucky), Amarillo (Texas), Sacco (Maine) and Columbia (Maryland). Picker.

YCD understands that the USPS is now expanding its daily package processing capacity to 60 million as a result of the new equipment being put into service. In May, the USPS said it expected to handle 40 million packages a day during the holiday season, and it was ready to deliver so many packages.

The USPS also said it has secured a stable and adequate workforce by converting 100,000 part-time workers to full-time workers since early 2021. Of these, more than 41,000 part-time workers have been converted to full-time jobs since January 2022.

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