We provide comprehensive sourcing, supplier background verification, Quality Control Inspection services in China.We have the expertise, experience and resources for sourcing and export in China.

We committed to optimizing your strategic sourcing & supply chain integration since the fist day we founded. Our professional execution makes your product sourcing especially in China be economical, efficient, transparent and quality guaranteed. China Sourcing is transforming our industry expertise & experience to be your business edge on brand, cost, design, quality and services. We help you from initial brain storm to final product distributions. Our sourcing team is highly organized and self-regulated on each industry. Start from initial research by deep supplier feasibility evaluation to on-going vendor coordination until final cargo inspection ensures your outsourcing is controlled at lowest supply chain risks. 

The business environment is becoming much more challenging than ever, we are able to help you reduce cost, gain efficiency with our expertise of cross-industry experiences.

Value-added Svc

  • Help you inspect the products and check the suppliers credit in China
  • Pick up your goods from different suppliers and consolidate into one shipment
  • Conceal true identity to protect your business secret from your suppliers and buyers
  • Amend CI to reduce or aovid customs taxes, duties, VATetc
  • Advance cargo arrival notice

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