In a recent letter to stockholders, Amazon announced that “more than half of sales on Amazon come from 3rd-party sellers.” Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive, and many markets that appear to be quick to succeed will soon become saturated.

In order to keep pace with Amazon, sellers must find out new ways to keep low costs and improve their products as well. This article introduces three simple tips to help sellers increase sales through differentiated products. These methods apply not only to sellers who have just started purchasing products, but also to ones who have already entered the stage of sale.

Tip 1: look at what products are vacant in the market before you launch into purchasing

When sellers narrow the range of products and plan to enter a market, first look at the valuation of competitors’ products, pay attention to the complaints and bad comments to understand more about the products’ situation.

For example, is the product cheap and easy to be damaged? Do consumers feel the product is expensive or want a different type of product?

With common negative feedbacks, sellers can ask relevant suppliers whether they can correct these deficiencies, but also make sure that product improvements don’t cost too much. Only in this way can the seller’s cost be low enough to maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

In other words, if the product is priced at $5, do not invest $4 to improve it. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the best selling products in the market while maintaining the low cost.

You have to make sure that the changes are in line with the needs of the market. Don’t let suppliers produce lemon juicers in green just because you like them. You have to first do market research to make sure that the products are commonly accepted by the market.

You can also do keyword surveys to see if there is a need to change these features. For instance, if you do research on related keyword on iPhone shell, you shall find that iphone 6s case blue traffic reaches 1660 times a month and blue iphone 6s case reaches 2494 times a month.

This suggests that consumers are in great demand for iPhone blue phone cases, but only about two iPhone cases are blue in the first page of search results. From the monthly search traffic, blue will probably be a hot color.

It makes a big sense to do this research in the purchasing process so that sellers can evaluate the cost of a differentiated product before entering a market. Research also makes sense if the seller has already started selling the product. The seller may ask the supplier to fine-tune the product to improve the product at any time. This may seem a bit of nitpicking, but each adjustment can help sellers boost Amazon’s product sales.

Tip 2: show high quality pictures to consumers

Pictures can also make a product different. This is still one of the best ways to highlight the product till most sellers focus on high-quality product images.

If you can’t find good pictures, you may look some qualified photography studios for help to shoot the product. The master picture is the main image of the product for vision, and consumers can see them on the search page of results.

You can buy some professional photographs and test them separately to find the most appropriate picture.

Most Amazon FBA sellers underestimate the importance of product photos, which are crucial to increasing sales. This is the consumers’ first impression of the product. Consumers see the picture before seeing the price.

Photos of products with high clicks and high conversion rates typically include the following elements:

  1. No blemish, professionally edited, with a pure white background
  2. Clean, accurate description
  3. Be able to display the information needed by the consumer etc .

Rich information does not mean adding much information to a picture. Adding text to the main picture go against Amazon’s requirements for product images and it looks tacky, messy and unprofessional.

It’s not enough to just attract consumers to click on the product page, and when they get into the product details page, they can use live images with life-style to help consumers understand how the product is used, what the size it is, and what it looks like in life.

Tip 3: Launch Sponsored Ads to increase product visibility

It is not enough to put the product on Amazon simply without any marketing or publicity. Sellers have to make sure that consumers can learn about them through Sponsored Ads. Even if the seller’s product is already on the top of the keywords search results, the seller can use Sponsored Ads to enlarge the visibility and increase Amazon sales.

Sellers can use keywords research to find product-related hot search terms and set keywords in Amazon’s wide matched ads. You can put in a week or more to test which keywords are most helpful for product sales.

Find one of the best keywords in a wide range of matching ads and place them in a slightly higher-bid phrase matching ad series. After the launch for a week, if some of the keywords get better feedback, it can be placed in an accurate match.

In this way, your Amazon advertising costs can be minimized and Amazon sales optimized. When you find the right keywords, you can get the most out with the least cost. With a little ad spending, you can greatly improve product’s exposure, sales, and overall ranking. (compiled / YCD)

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